3D Scanning

A 3D scan performed in the preliminary stages of a project allows the fabrication process to be accelerated due to the key information it provides up front. Having more precise dimensions at the pre-fabrication phase makes the entire project much more efficient and reduces potential issues before the fabrication and construction phases begin.



How it Works

EWS TX is one of a few fabricators in the country that uses this scanning equipment and innovative process in exterior wall panel systems. Our field team captures point clouds from millions of beams of laser data using the Leica Geosystems ScanStation, which composes a 3D model of the structure. After importing this model into our engineering software, we draw the panels.

This process gives us many advantages including:

Accuracy – A single measurement is accurate up to 4mm enabling us to create a very detailed 3D model of the actual structure without relying solely on the drawings.

Safety – A full field view is possible at a maximum distance of 300m which enables laser data to be captured from safe and controlled locations giving an invaluable advantage.

Efficiency – The millions of laser points captured in each scan provide the most intricate details of the structure giving our engineering team an “on-site” view throughout the drafting and fabrication process. This eliminates any human error in measuring, thereby reducing time lost from inaccuracies and remakes.

To find out more about our 3D Scanning service, feel free to email us or call us at 817-809-4881.


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