Series 200 Wall Panel System

EWS TX is a premier Dallas Fort Worth designer, fabricator and installer of Series 200 Wall Panel System.

The Series 200 panel systems are proven rout and return wet (caulk joint) systems that deliver airtight and watertight barriers for building exteriors and were developed for designers, architects, and general contractors to be able provide aluminum and/or aluminum composite panel systems competitively priced. In line with all EWS TX panel systems, the 150 and 200 systems make use of continuous extrusions at the panel’s perimeter. The EWS TX system is able to accommodate thermal as well as seismic movement without buckling or joint failure due to its incorporation of the male/female attachment method.

To find out more about our Series 200 Wall Panel System, feel free to email us or call us at 817-809-4881.

For a rainscreen and pressure equalized option, look at our Series 400 and 408 Systems.

Series 200 Horizontal Joint

Series 200 Vertical Joint


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