Griff Rausch



I began my building enclosure career in the early nineties. Prior to settling in Texas, I worked on projects of all sizes in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Illinois and Michigan. I started my career in the field as an apprentice and gradually worked my way from the field through almost every management position in the construction industry. Having been exposed to numerous different management styles and strategies on how to run a job, I always hoped for an opportunity to be in the driver’s seat myself.

That opportunity came in 2014 when I was approached by Alec McDougall to partner with him and form Engineered Wall Systems Texas. Since that day, we have grown EWS Texas from a small 3 man shop to a multimillion dollar company with projects in multiple states. When I’m not staring at shop drawings, I try to spend my free time with my wife Jessica or our children Travis, Caleb and Taylor. I enjoy hunting, fishing and watching my daughter play volleyball.


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